"History of land use in Hillsdale"



Artists Angelina Marino and Joel Heidel recently completed a 932 square foot mural depicting the evolution of land use in Hillsdale – from forest to dairy and orchard land. The mural was funded by RACC’s Public Art Murals Program, an anti-graffiti grant from Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI), and other community and business supporters. It is painted on a retaining wall on Capitol Highway at SW Terwilliger Parkway that was often a target for graffiti. The mural was dedicated at the Hillsdale Library on December 4th.

Marino began her research in January 2011 and then developed the concept through presentations to the community. Input was received from hundreds of community members through presentations and social networking outreach to Friends of Terwilliger, the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association, Hillsdale Main Street, SWNI and public displays. The artist’s concept addresses historical and cultural aspects of the area. In a stylized manner, the content considers land use from the days of the settlers who established the dairies and the current day results of the Terwilliger Parkway reforestation of 100 years ago.

For those driving by, the mural is designed to relate as a landscape that tells a story. Pedestrians who examine the mural closely will discover surprises in secondary silhouette imagery painted within the dairy

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, RACC is sponsoring a workshop, How Did That Mural Get There? The Rules and Regulations for Creating Murals in Portland, at New Columbia’s Community Education Center, 4625 N. Trenton. Learn how to organize, fund and navigate two distinct paths for creating murals in the City of Portland. Artists Joe Cotter and Robin Corbo will join Peggy Kendellen, Manager of RACC’s Public Art Murals Program and Kristin Cooper, from the City’s Bureau of Development Services, for a discussion on how to navigate the various systems.

Register now on-line at www.racc.org/workshops. Workshop is open to artists and community members. The fee is $20.