Public Art Advisory Committee

The Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) is the standing RACC committee that oversees the Public Art Program. The PAAC oversees policies, sets goals and provides curatorial guidance for the selection, placement and maintenance of works of art acquired through the Percent for Art Program and other public/private programs.  Membership includes no more than 2 RACC Board members, the RACC designee on the Design Commission, and 6-8 arts professionals who are artists, architects, landscape architects, curators or individuals with considerable experience in the visual arts. The RACC Board Chair approves final appointments to the PAAC. Members serve 3-year terms with one 18-month appointment reserved, when possible, for an artist with public art experience. Meetings are held monthly.

Members of The Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC)

Nan Curtis

John Forsgren

Phillip Hillaire, RACC Board

Matthew Juniper

Karen Karbo

Linda McGeady, RACC Board

Joanna Priestley, RACC Board

Wendy Red Star

Linda Tesner

Dorie Vollum, Chair

David Wark, Design Commission Liaison