“Project Everyone” comes to the Portland Building Installation Space through October 12, 2012

Project Background: Project Everyone is an ongoing video series with the lofty goal of interviewing every person on earth. Creators Stephen Kurowski & Marina Tait bring their open interview station to the Portland Building lobby where they will conduct ten minute interview sessions with volunteer participants. Each interviewee is prompted by the same set of eight questions which range from mundane to esoteric. The edited video, reduced to less than five minutes, is then played back when the recording sessions are done. The Project Everyone interviews, which champion the significance of the everyday, have proven to be oddly addictive. Without a hint of Hollywood or Reality TV, the earnestness of the average person proves both captivating and refreshing.

Project Everyone
Interview Schedule at the Portland Building
1120 SW 5th Avenue:
Mondays: noon to 2pm
Wednesdays: 1pm to 3pm
Fridays: noon to 2pm

Drop-ins are welcome and other times are available by special arrangement. All those who might be interested are encouraged to drop by any time to watch and learn more about the project and the interview questions. Past interviews can be viewed online at http://projecteveryone.wordpress.com.

About the Artists: Marina Tait is a filmmaker and editor who thrives on artistic collaboration. She has contributed to numerous film and video projects over the past 15 years in Portland and Los Angeles. She enjoys listening to other people’s stories. Stephen Kurowski is a multidisciplinary artist whose previous works include short fiction, screen plays, children’s stories, painting, sculpture, photography, and most predominantly motion picture production and post-production. The pair has collaborated on a number of projects ranging from documentaries, to personal family histories, to underground short films.

Viewing Hours & Location: 7 am to 6 pm, Monday – Friday. The Portland Building is located at 1120 SW 5th Avenue in downtown Portland.

For more information on the Portland Building Installation Space series including images, proposals and statements for all the installations since 1994, go to www.racc.org/installationspace.

See previous interviews from Project Everyone

Carolyn from Project Everyone on Vimeo.