RACC will present 11 workshops for artists in 2013

Artists who are trying to make a living with their craft will benefit from a series of professional development workshops being presented by the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) from January through June of 2013. Each workshop is led by experts in his or her field; they focus on grant writing, marketing, legal issues, and building audiences to enhance and advance an artist’s career. RACC is committed to providing affordable learning opportunities that help artists succeed in the region; each workshop costs only $20-$30.

The 2013 workshop schedule includes:
• January 26: Fundamentals of Grant Writing for Individual Artists
• February 9: Marketing, the Same but Different
• February 20: To be or not to be a 501(c)3 and how (A panel discussion)
• March 2: Copyrights and Contracts 101: For Artists and Creative Professionals
• April 6: Putting the Pieces Together: How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Art or Event
• April 17: For Organizations: Building Audiences in a Complex and Competitive Environment
• May 4: The Artist Talk: How to Talk to Anyone Anywhere about Your Art
• May 21: Your Career in Music—options and next steps (A panel discussion)
• June 2: Music Business 101: Copyrights and Contracts for Musicians
• June 8: Grant Writing for Individual Artists: Making Your Story Work for You
• June 15: Writing for Artists: Engaging your audience

To register or learn more details about each workshop, including the presenter(s), the time and the location, visit website below. For more information, accessibility and translation needs please contact: 503-823-5111 or email info@racc.org.