Next Night Lights is on December 1

NIGHT LIGHTSSt. Julian the Hospitaller: Second and Third Chances on December 1st , 5pm-8pm

The Portland Community College Painting Team will be presenting a visual adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s short story, The Legend of St. Julian the Hospitaller, a retelling of the medieval folk tale about self-transformation and personal redemption.  With visual asides to Ivan Albright’s painted iterations of an aging Dorian Gray, PCC painters will be animating a series of still photographs showing a single painting undergo dramatic changes, paralleling Flaubert’s hallucinatory description of events.

Participating artist are students from Painting I&II classes that are part of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Portland Community College’s Sylvania campus instructed by Mark Smith.

Lead Painter

Shannen Muhl

Featured Artists

Courtney Allan

Emma Buckle

Luisa Carrillo

Sami Chesborough

JD Corral

Adolfo Gonzalez

Addie Groendes

Daisy Hammock

Shyanne Henry

Amy Jack

Brooke Johnson

Tamara Kharchenko

Cole Krikac

Stephanie Luerken

Mayumi Maeda

Jessica Martinez

Marilyn Navarro Yoves

Donna Robichaud

Oliver Rock

Julian Roth

Cali Schmeckpeper

Ariana Stanley-Krause

Paul Thomas

Kat Vanegas

Gabby Walder

RACC and Portland Community Media sponsor this event. The screening takes place on the north wall of RACC’s offices at 411 NW Park, Portland. Screens at dusk.