2018-19 RACC Project Grants (Cycle 2)

RACC’s Project Grant Program provides financial support to individual artists and not-for-profit organizations in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties, for project based arts programming. Grants are awarded up to $7,000 and are available in three categories: Artistic Focus, Arts Equity & Access, and Arts Services.  The following 65 Project Grants were approved on February 18, 2019 and total $370,150.


2018-19 Project Grant awards (Cycle 2):

Applicant Project Type Discipline Award
Abreu, Manuel Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $7,000
Akins, Crystal Arts Equity & Access Music $6,950
Bracker, Rachel Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,920
Brown, Emma Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,000
Connelly, Brittney Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,140
Crenshaw, Jana Arts Equity & Access Musical Theatre $7,000
Del Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,360
Doughton, Steven Artistic Focus Media Arts $7,000
Fuemmeler, Anthony Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $6,970
García Marrufo, Rubén Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $7,000
Gaskill, Dora Arts Services Multi-Discipline $3,640
Greenwood-Rioseco, Anne Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,200
Gugenheim Kedem, Shoshana Artistic Focus Social Practice $6,290
Haque, Sabina Zeba Artistic Focus Visual Arts $7,000
Hocking, Justin Artistic Focus Literature $6,300
Johnstone, Eve Artistic Focus Theatre $4,600
Kim, Una Arts Equity & Access Visual Arts $6,970
Kowalska, Melinda Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $4,560
Kristin, Wil Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,490
Little, Willie Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,250
Longstreth, Katherine Arts Services Multi-Discipline $6,050
Martin, Sommer Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,970
Morris-Judd, Nancy Artistic Focus Visual Arts $7,000
O’Rourke, Rachel Artistic Focus Social Practice $4,480
Politzer, Kerry Artistic Focus Music $6,870
Provax, Alyson Artistic Focus Visual Arts $5,790
StockLynn, Jack Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $6,620
Torres, Ikaika Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,870
Trotter, Stephanie Artistic Focus Music $3,510
Vos, Mike Artistic Focus Visual Arts $3,220
Wilcke, Lisa Arts Equity & Access Visual Arts $2,200
Wolf, Cameron Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $6,590
Yarbrough, Xavier Arts Services Dance/Movement $6,280
Amadeus Chamber Orchestra Artistic Focus Music $5,000
Architecture Foundation of Oregon Arts Equity & Access Visual Arts $5,250
Cascadia Composers Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $5,530
Central City Concern Arts Equity & Access Visual Arts $6,000
Classical Up Close Arts Equity & Access Music $4,870
CymaSpace Arts Equity & Access Social Practice $7,000
en Taiko Arts Equity & Access Music $7,000
Estacada Area Arts Commission Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $6,300
India Cultural Association Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $5,000
Letra Chueca Press Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $5,130
LineStorm Playwrights Artistic Focus Theatre $4,180
Musica Maestrale Artistic Focus Music $2,930
One World Chorus Arts Equity & Access Media Arts $6,950
Oregon ArtsWatch Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $7,000
Oregon Symphonic Band Artistic Focus Music $2,380
Pacific Northwest College of Art Artistic Focus Visual Arts $7,000
Pacific Youth Choir Arts Equity & Access Music $6,530
PassinArt: A Theatre Company Artistic Focus Theatre $5,930
PDX Pop Now! Artistic Focus Music $7,000
Portland Chamber Music Artistic Focus Music $1,500
Portland Festival Symphony Arts Equity & Access Music $5,180
Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival Arts Equity & Access Media Arts $7,000
Portland Taiko Arts Equity & Access Music $3,920
QDoc: Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival Artistic Focus Media Arts $7,000
Risk/Reward Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $7,000
The Giving Tree NW Arts Equity & Access Visual Arts $3,730
Theatre Vertigo Artistic Focus Theatre $3,870
Viva La Free Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $7,000
Washington County Cooperative Library Services Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $5,970
Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $2,700
WolfBird Dance Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $6,210
XRAY.FM Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,000