RACC Resource Council

The RACC Resource Council is a group of people with close ties to RACC who are engaged in providing advice, periodic specific tasks, and/or events to further the organization’s mission. They meet once or twice a year for a working breakfast or lunch, and attend other RACC social events. Membership includes past board members; board members who find they cannot attend regular meetings, but want to stay involved; and individuals who would like to help RACC without serving on the board or a standing committee. We thank them for their continued service!

Alan Alexander III
Pam Baker
Jesse Beason
Ernie Bloch II
Gwyneth Gamble Booth
Claudia Burnett
Jennifer Cies
Jay Clemens
George Forbes
Eric Friedenwald-Fishman ​
Kira Higgs
Karen Karbo
Mike Lindberg
Gary Maffei
Mary Maletis
Julie Mancini
Josie Mendoza
Cate Millar
Randy J. Miller
Max Miller, Jr
Carole Morse
Bonita Oswald
Bob Packard
Dorothy Piacentini
Bettsy Preble
Mary Ruble
Joan Sappington ​
Lina Garcia Seabold
Carol R. Smith, Ed. D.
Craig Thompson
Julie Vigeland
Clark Worth