The Creative Spotlight

Excerpts from Grant Projects, 2020-2021.

Through building, supporting, and advocating for a strong arts and culture community and ecosystem, RACC has been able to engage, partner, collaborate, grow and support many talented artists, creatives, designers, as well as arts organizations that continue to do the deeper work. We know the arts have the potential to impact many aspects of a community, and the truth is they also have a power all on their own. The arts are an open invitation to engage in our history, our heritage, community, our politics, the way we learn and communicate—in short, the arts are part of our daily lives, and play a role in all aspects of the human experience.

The Creative Spotlight showcases our diverse and talented community. If you or someone you know, or know an organization, that has been impacted by RACC and/or is advocating, supporting, and grown the arts and culture community, let us know! We would like to know more and showcase their work.

Contact Mario Mesquita, Manager of Advocacy & Engagement,