Building Blocks for Equity – Determining Programming and Events

Determining Programming and EventsDetermining Programming and Events

This building block requires research and a sustained commitment to building relationships. For example, an organization that seeks to better serve a particular community might consider organizing informal gatherings and asking what their greater cultural interests and needs are – and what roadblocks exist.


Resources and Tools

  • The City of Portland’s Community Engagement Liaisons (CELs) Program utilizes community engagement specialists who are fluent in the language and culture of newcomers to Portland as a means of connection to cultural communities and to build and strengthen these relationships.
  • Invitation to the Party: Building Bridges to the Arts, Culture, and Community, by Donna Walker-Kuhne, describes in-depth strategies and methods to engage diverse mentalhealthdrugs communities in arts and culture, reflecting the content of many of the building blocks in this framework. Included are tools for building audiences, case studies, and descriptions of her successes at building diverse audiences.  “We are not building audiences simply to increase earned income. Creating value is not always reflected in dollar-for-dollar in a changed bottom line. Initially the effort is to open the doors of your institution to diverse audiences and collaborate on programs they want to see. That is what will keep the doors open.” –Donna Walker-Kuhne, Invitation to the Party, pg. 30.
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