Building Blocks for Equity – Evaluating Progress

Building Blocks for Equity

Evaluating Progress

Evaluating Progress

This building block enables organizations to come full circle and determine whether they have successfully made progress in increasing equitable access. Measurement is a critical tool for understanding what impact the programming, outreach, and communication strategies had in connecting with a broader range of community members. 


Resources and Tools  


  • A Post-Performance Survey from the Boston Lyric Opera was administered after family preview events intended to introduce families to this art form. The survey gathered valuable feedback on this new audience segment the Opera aimed to attract, including demographic information, motivations for attending, and evaluations of the performances, thus benefiting the marketing, education, and programming aspects of the Opera's outreach efforts.
  • RACC’s year one progress report on Equity and Diversity (November, 2011) shows an example of one way to summarize and examine progress over an identified period of time. A summative progress report is helpful to see the outcomes that an organization has achieved and an opportunity to identify future goals and strategies.
  • Getting Started: An Arts Organization Guide to Program Evaluation by the Georgia Council for the Arts introduces the evaluation process for arts organizations and includes information on different types of data that are useful for arts organizations to capture, how to use marketing data, and how to apply these efforts to develop audiences.
  • Increasing Cultural Participation: An Audience Development Planning Handbook for Presenters, Producers, and Their Collaborators provides a detailed look at the process of audience development from start to finish, including detailed information on many of the concepts presented in this framework. Case studies, worksheets, sample surveys, and reports in this document are helpful aids that can be adapted for use. 
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