Individual Artist Fellowships

The Regional Arts & Culture Council recognized individual artistic achievement and excellence through its annual Individual Artist Fellowship awarded to two artists from Clackamas, Multnomah, or Washington Counties. The Fellowship, which included a cash award of $20,000, helped individual artists of high merit sustain or enhance their creative process. Fellowships were awarded in rotating disciplines that include Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Media Arts, and Literature.

The Individual Artist Fellowship program was offered from 1999 to 2017.


Gallery of Past Awardees


Definition of “Fellowship”

The Fellowship Award will recognize individual artists in the tri-county area who are the strongest representatives of the range and diversity of art in the Northwest. An artist’s commitment to the crafting of an idea, the honing of a vision and the development of a consequential body of work, requires discipline, rigor, curiosity, singularity and generosity of spirit. For artists who possess these qualities, their profession is a self-directed life choice, and their continued development reflects the shape of our region and the voice of our time. It is this mature and dedicated artist that the Fellowship program seeks to honor and support. To be eligible for a Fellowship, an applicant must:

  • Be a professional artist, as recognized by his/her peers, with a minimum of 10 years in the discipline for which they applying.
  • Have been a resident of Oregon for a minimum of 5 years and currently a physical resident of Clackamas, Multnomah, or Washington Counties.
  • Have been active on a regular basis in the tri-county area through by presenting or performing or by offering arts related opportunities to tri-county citizens.
  • Be a recognized artist within the general discipline category for which Fellowships are being offered in the current fiscal year.
  • Provide RACC with a Social Security number upon notification that you have been awarded a Fellowship.

Past Fellowship Recipients

1999 – Performing Arts, Obo Addy & Mary Oslund

2000 – Visual Arts, Christine Bourdette & Terry Toedtemeier

2001 – Literary Arts, Michele Glazer & Media Arts, Jim Blashfield

2002 – Performing Arts, Tomas Svoboda & Keith Scales

2003 – Visual Arts, Michael Brophy & Judy Cooke

2004 – Literary Arts, Craig Lesley & Media Arts, Chel White

2005 – Performing Arts, Thara Memory

2006 – Visual Arts, Henk Pander

2007 – Media Arts, Joanna Priestley

2008 – Literature, Kim Stafford

2009 – No Fellowship offered

2010 – Performing Arts, Robin Lane

2011 – Visual Arts, Eric Stotik

2012 – Media Arts, Lawrence Johnson

2013 – Literature, Sallie Tisdale

2014 – Performing Arts, Linda Austin and Anita Menon

2015 – Visual Arts, David Eckard and Ellen Lesperance

2016 – Media Arts, Vanessa Renwick and Brian Lindstrom

2017 – Literature, Samiya Bashir and Rene Denfeld