RACC Grant Programs FAQ

RACC supports the region’s vital arts and culture community through a variety of grant programs. These grants are made possible through investments from the City of Portland, the Arts Education & Access Fund (or Arts Tax), Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Metro, the Oregon Arts Commission, and the RACC Arts Impact Fund. RACC grants support artists, arts organizations, and artistic projects that promote RACC’s core values and advance the community’s access to a wide range of arts and culture experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of grants does RACC provide?

A: RACC administers four grant programs for individual artists, arts organizations, and other nonprofit organizations. Click on the name of each program below to learn more:

  • PROJECT GRANTS: The Project Grant program provides financial support for individual artists and not for profit organizations. Project Grants support a specific art presentation, exhibit, or the creation of work that is executed in a specific timeline and is accessible to the public. Applications are considered in three categories – Artistic Focus, Arts Equity & Access, and Catalyst. Project Grants awards are $1,000 to $7,000 and applications are accepted three times per year..
  •  PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT GRANTS: The Professional Development grant program provides funding for individual artists and arts administrators for distinct opportunities that will push forward their creative practice and business skill development. Proposals in this program must clearly demonstrate how the proposal will benefit the artist or organization in the long-term. Professional Development Grant awards are up to $2,000 and are offered in twice annually.
  • ARTIST FELLOWSHIPS: The Individual Artist Fellowship Award program recognizes artists’ achievements and excellence by offering them greater opportunities to advance their work. The program is intended to acknowledge established artists of high merit. Artistic discipline rotates yearly in performing arts, visual arts, media arts, and literature.  Two Individual Fellowship recipients are awarded $20,000 each year.
  • GENERAL OPERATING SUPPORT GRANTS: The General Operating Support Grant program provides financial support to arts organizations in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties, based on impact in the community, strong artistic programming, operational health, and compliance with reporting requirements. New applicants are accepted into the General Operating Support program annually. Organizations interested in the General Operating Support program should contact RACC Grants staff before applying.


Q: What assistance is available to grant applicants?

A: Grants staff are available to support applicants and grantees at every stage of the grant process. Staff review draft applications, provide technical support with preparing applications, host information sessions, and answer questions via phone and email. Grants Staff also provide feedback to applicants upon request after funding decisions have been made. The team is committed to making our processes accessible and are happy to provide support or access services for applicants with disabilities, applicants who speak languages other than English, and applicants with limited access to our online application system. For assistance call us at 503-823-5111 or email grants@racc.org.


Q: Does RACC offer grant writing workshops?

A: RACC offers workshops in general grant writing every year. For more information please visit racc.org/workshops or call 503-823-5111. The RACC website also contains information about other groups that offering workshops in grant writing. RACC also offers free grant orientations or information sessions for Project Grants and Professional Development Grants ahead of each deadlines. Applicants with questions about RACC’s grant programs are welcome and encouraged to call RACC at 503-823-5111 or email grants@racc.org if you have questions at any time.


Q: How do I submit a grant application?

A: RACC uses an online application system. You can access the RACC Opportunity Portal at racc.org/apply


Q: What are RACC’s grant deadlines?

A: Deadlines for RACC’s various grant programs can be found on the homepages of each grant program (see links in the first question above). We typically post deadlines about a year ahead of time. If you have questions or are not sure when something is due, please contact us at grants@racc.org.