RACC Grant Programs FAQ

What grant programs does RACC currently have?

RACC administers four core programs within the Grants Program. The Grants Program includes General Operating Support, Project Grants, Professional Development Grants, and Individual Artist Fellowships. The RACC Grants Program Overview sheet and specific program guidelines have more information about eligibility and review criteria for each program.

Does RACC offer grant writing workshops?

RACC does offer workshops in general grant writing. For more information please visit our website www.racc.org/workshops or call 503-823-5111 for details. The RACC website also contains information about other groups offering workshops in grant writing. RACC also offers specific grant orientations for Project Grants each summer. Applicants with specific questions are welcome to call the grants staff anytime.

Do I need to register for RACC Grant Workshops and Orientations? Is there a fee?

You do need to register for RACC grant writing workshops; there is a fee and the number of attendees is limited. You also need to register for RACC grant orientations, but they are free to anyone interested in attending. RSVP information is requested in order to estimate attendance.

Do you have information that you can send to me about your grant programs?

Guidelines for current grants are available for download from the RACC website, and RACC also has a Grants Program Overview handout that briefly describes all of the core RACC grants. Applicants should read the guidelines and application thoroughly before contacting RACC staff with specific questions.

What are your Grant Program deadlines?

Current deadlines are available on the RACC website at racc.culturegrants.org.

Do you have general grants information (statewide, national, etc.)?

RACC lists some grant opportunities in the free RACC Newsletter, Art Notes, which is available both electronically and as a bi-monthly printed version. You may call 503.823.5111 to receive information on subscribing or subscribe online at the RACC website, www.racc.org/newsletter.

Can I generate my grant application on the computer?

All applicants are required to use the online application process to generate their grant applications. Grant guidelines are available for downloading from our website in .pdf format. Please visit our website at racc.culturegrants.org to create an account and apply through the GrantsOnline system. If you are unfamiliar with the process, grant staff are available for technical assistance, and RACC has computers for applicant use if needed.

Can I apply for more than one grant?

When applying for a Project Grant, applicants may submit only one (1) application in a project grant cycle (one calendar year). The maximum amount an applicant can request and the maximum award amount for any one grant is $7,000.

Applicants may apply for RACC Professional Development grants as long as the Professional Development Grant does not directly relate to their Project Grant. Applicants that have already received a Professional Development Grant award must wait one cycle before being eligible to apply again.

Organizations that are currently receiving General Operating Support Grants are not eligible to apply for any other RACC Grants. Sometimes a natural overlap in cycles occurs when organizations are able to move from Project Grant funding, which is based on a calendar year, to General Operating Support funding the following spring, which is based on the RACC fiscal year.

If you are unsure if you are eligible to apply, please contact Grants staff for assistance.