Design Team Roster

The Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) established the Design Team Roster as an on-line resource that can be used by anyone seeking an artist for a project – community groups, business or property owners, schools, architecture firms, private developers or other public art programs. The Roster provides a pool of highly qualified artists, and increases the efficiency of the selection process.

The intent of the roster is to provide users a range of artistic styles from which to select an artist that fits the needs of a particular project — creating an art plan for a site; collaborating on early design along with having a budget to create artwork(s); identifying opportunities for other artists to provide design elements within the construction budget and/or complemented with public art funds; or, for creating a distinctive artwork for a site.

These artist have demonstrated skills, experience and interest in commissioned projects. As you review this roster, please read the artists’ statement and view details of up to three past projects to get a feel for their work. You are strongly encouraged to visit the artists’ websites and social media outlets to further explore their practice.

Please note that there are two different PDF versions you can view/download with the larger PDF containing artists’ resumes.

RACC Design Team Roster 2017-2020


Questions?  Contact Public Art Managers:
Kristin Calhoun | 503.823.5101