Economic Impact (2001)

2001 Economic Impact Studies of the NonProfit Arts in Oregon

More than 400 nonprofit arts organizations around the state of Oregon contributed $100 million in direct spending and more than $262 million in overall impact to the state’s economy in fiscal 2000, according to an updated reports released this week. Oregon’s nonprofit arts sector grew by nearly 19% over the past three years and attracted more than 5.6 million patrons, making it a vibrant industry and major contributor to the cultural life of the state.

Oregon’s broad range of cultural activities has also supported rapid growth in creative services industries such as advertising, public relations, website design, filmmaking and commercial art ventures. Job growth in this sector is outpacing that of other Portland area industries by a rate of 2:1, with further strong growth on the horizon. The report also notes the growing impact of cultural heritage tourism, and urges further study of its potential to draw new, affluent visitors and increased tourism spending to the state.

The economic impact report was commissioned by Northwest Business for Culture and the Arts (NW/BCA), the Oregon Arts Commission, and the Regional Arts & Culture Council and was researched by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF.) Partial funding of the report was provided by NW/BCA member companies Standard Insurance, Northwest Natural and Norris Beggs & Simpson.

For a complete print copy of The Economic Impact of the Arts in Oregon call NW/BCA at 503.228.2977. To read or download the report, click here. (49 page pdf).