2024 Blanchet House On the Ledge Art Show: Homegrown

Deadline May 31, 2024

Homegrown (adj):
1) grown or produced in one’s garden or country
2) belonging to one’s particular locality or country

The Blanchet House Emerging Professionals Board presents the fifth annual On the
Ledge art show. This year’s theme, Homegrown, is an invitation to artists to delve into the roots of
their creativity and reflect on the concept of home.

Now in its fifth year, On the Ledge serves a dual purpose of celebrating artists, while raising funds to
support Blanchet House’s crucial services to the houseless community. Artists from a variety of
mediums are invited to submit original or existing works for the 2024 exhibition which will run in
August. Each piece submitted should be an exploration of the Homegrown theme.

Selected artwork will be displayed in an online gallery as well as at an opening reception on August 1,
2024. Revenue from digital print sales will be split 50/50 between Blanchet House and the artist. The
original may also be sold if the artist wishes to.

Submissions will be accepted until Friday, May 31 using the 2024 Artist Submission Form. For further
details, please visit BHOntheLedge.com or explore past work on Instagram @bhontheledge.
We hope you will join us in celebrating the diverse tapestry of what it means to be and feel

Meg Stark, mstark@blanchethouse.org, 503-241-4340 ext.109
Gabby Thuillier, gthuillier@blanchethouse.org, 503-241-4340 ext.314

Artwork Submission Guidelines
● We accept all mediums so long as they can be reproduced as 11”x14” giclee prints and 4”x6”
● Submissions will be reviewed by a panel and selected based on their ability to fit within the
event theme Homegrown.
● Blanchet House welcomes all artwork but reserves the right to refuse submissions that do not
align with its mission.
● We cannot offer artists compensation for materials and labor.
● If you are creating a physical piece and wish to sell the original work through the art show
site, please indicate that on your submission. Blanchet House is offering a 70/30 split on sales
of original artwork, favoring the artist.

How Artwork Will be Displayed and Sold
● Blanchet House will produce, display, and ship high-quality 11”x14” giclee prints and 4”x6”
postcards of the original artwork.
● Each giclee print will be priced at an accessible $50 to attract a wide audience. Artists will
have the option to sell signed prints as well at the $75 price point. Individual postcards and
postcard packages will be available at a lower price tier. 50% of all print and postcard sales
will go to Blanchet House, and 50% will go to the artist.
● Original works can be sold at a price set by the artist. The original must also be submitted via
form or email as a digital asset (.jpeg or .eps preferred) for high-quality reproduction as a
giclee print. Blanchet House is offering a 70/30 split on sales of original artwork, favoring the
● All art will be featured in an online gallery at bhontheledge.com with originals and prints on
display at a main exhibition as well as secondary exhibits around Portland. All exhibition details
will be shared with selected artists.
● Blanchet House and its printer are not able to offer cropping or adjustments to the aspect ratio
or other aspects of digital assets.
● Artists will be paid their portion of the proceeds as described above and in their artist
agreement by September 27, 2024. A fully executed artist agreement and signed W-9 must
be on file with Blanchet House for payment to be issued to an artist.

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