400 sq. ft.Private Work Space with Ventilation

Deadline July 15, 2024

This space for lease is comprised of a large private workspace (approx. 200 sq. ft.) that encompasses a smaller private office within it (approx 160sq. ft. ). The total square footage of this dual office suite is arounf 375 sq. ft.
The smaller office room features a ventilation fan to the exterior of the building. This arrangement would be great for a small group of artists, that need both privacy and adequate space to collaborate, ie; small sculptures, jewelers, etc. The office suite is located just off the shared kitchen in the building, so access to water is close by.
This unique unit is located at Civilian Studios, an affordable artist studio building located in North Portland since 2012.
Rental rates range from $500-$650 for units in the 400 sq ft. size.
Other units in the 150 – 200sq ft. range cost around $300- $400 a month.

Feel free to call or text Ashley at 267-495-7686 to learn more.

2210 N Lewis Ave Portland, OR 97227

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