A Crash Course in Clip Studio (SPRING BREAK)

Deadline March 31, 2019

Smith Micro’s Clip Studio Paint (formerly known Manga Studio) is the premiere drawing program for comic artists and illustrators alike, but some have a hard time picking it up or making the transition over from Photoshop. Look no further! Spear-headed by independent comic artist Seamus Patrick Burke, “A Crash Course in Clip Studio” is an introductory course on the software, how it works, and where everything is.

Limit for the workshop is 15 people. Each person will get their own tablet and/or monitor with Clip Studio to work with at Downtown Portland’s very own Wacom Experience Center. We will be going over the features, professional comic tips to apply when using the tools, and each person will walk away with their own digital comic page they’ve illustrated themselves.

Included in the ticket price is also an instructional document going over topics covered in the seminar, along with a selection of customized brushes and color palettes to use when/if you decide to switch to Clip Studio.

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Wacom Experience Center 1455 NW Irving St, Portland, OR 97209

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