ADX art space and Community

Deadline August 13, 2022

ADX is Portlands oldest makers space and we will celebrate 11 years in June. We have a beautiful and ever-changing space and community. This month yet another company that has outgrown our walls will be moving on. This will usher in a new opportunity for a creative wave of energy and these are exciting times.

Many artists can work alone and having a home studio is a wonderful thing. At ADX we offer emerging and longtime artists the opportunity to come and work alongside other independent artists and enjoy the creative energy imbued into this building. We have studio space available for members, a gallery, shared space for events, classes, and endless possibilities.

We are working to foster some collaborative experiences and coop style shops and have a wood shop coming on line June 1st. We also have a limited number of Screen printing memberships through @madcap_pdx. Repair PDX just joined us and will be using the space for Repair Cafes, education and repair of small appliances to save them from the landfill and empower Oregonians to fix their stuff instead of tossing it out. We have some great studios available from $125-$1,950. The average space in our community is $375-$500 and studios can be shared with a peer.

We have the Hive music hub @thehivemusichub where musicians can record, practice, perform and jam. we have @littleorchestrapdx an amazing human who can rebuild and restore pianos, artists, graphic designers like @dlimageworks and entrepreneurs like @portlandtoyco , wood workers like @davethecloset and many more … it is a wonderful place to come be a part of an artistic movement. 😊

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417 SE 11th Portland OR 9721`4

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