Art & Ecology Residency – Central Italy

Deadline July 29, 2021

SEPTEMBER 1st – 22nd 2021

Umbria, Central Italy
(Deadline July 29th)

This three-week program is open to emerging and established artists, curators, and researchers across a wide range of artistic practices. It offers artists an opportunity to be immersed in the Italian countryside with an emphasis on merging Art and science. Workshops by local specialists on ecology, introduction to animal monitoring, botany and entomology will run at the beginning of the program for 12 days enabling artists to collaborate and integrate art and science after which the residency will be self-directed.
Max three participating artists

Residency fee paid by artist €500 per week *
This covers: Private double room /All meals /Specialist fees for workshops & lectures /Excursions /Local transportation

*This is a brand new artist run residency and currently do not have funding at this stage however we are actively working on this to offer support for artists in the future. We can provide a letter of confirmation for selected artists to assist them in applications for funding.

Botany workshop:
General introduction of the Plantae Kingdom, analysis of their evolution and adaptations needed for a living outside an aqueous medium, decentralised VS centralised system and strategies for a survival without moving, general ecology, plant succession as a tool for landscape reading.

Herbarium: Introduction to the main families of plants, how to collect specimens, how to identify them using dichotomous keys and how to mount the specimens in a herbarium.
(herbaria provided for each artist)

Shapes in Plants and their structures, correlation between form and function, focus on reproduction strategies and different ways for dispersion.

Field trip in the surrounding area trying to see the function behind the shapes of the different structures found.

Entomology workshop

Insect ecology: interaction insects-plants, interaction among insects (predation and parasitisation).

Insect classification: principal families of insects and how they differ. Insect morphology: Observation of insect shapes and structures.

Observation of insect specimens, alive insects and insect “artifacts” (galls, galleries into wood, …).

Observation of insects in the wild, walks/hikes: what to look for, observing insects and interpreting signs of insect activity.

Collecting and preserving insects/ light trap for night collecting.

Ecology workshop:

Principles of biology/ ecology
Introduction to the local fauna
Lecture on reptiles/amphibians
Introduction to wildlife photography
Introduction to animal monitoring using Camera traps – each artist will be given one for the duration of 3 weeks
Identifying tracks & signs – Field trips
Topics: Local History/Sustainability /agroforestry and tradition (olives, hunting, chestnuts)


Artists are provided a private double bedroom. They have full access to the communal house, library, kitchen, living room and patio. Maximum three artists at a time.

Artists have 24 access to the ground floor conservatory studio as well as the outside workshop space. There are trails that take you up to the mountains from the house and beautiful walks through medieval Italian villages and archaeological sites.

All meals will be provided (vegetarian- collected from the garden or locally sourced)

Specific trips can be arranged depending on what projects the artists are developing.

The objective is to provide artists with a natural environment and enrich their experience, providing them with an introduction to the ecology of the area that will inform their practice.


The deadline for application is JULY 29th. A complete application should contain the following:


A brief letter (max 500) of motivation considering the location of Studio Verde

Artist statement, short biography and CV

Link to portfolio / website / film

5 images of examples of recent work

Please email your application to



Fly to Roma Fiumicino Airport – take the train to Orte – someone will be there to collect artist/s from the station


Fly to Roma Ciampino Airport– take a bus from the airport to metro station Anagnina –Metro A Anagnina to Termini train station – Train to Narni Amelia* -someone will collect artist/s from the station – an additional 30-minute drive to the house

*There is about a 15 min walk to the platform in Termini station

BY TRAIN: Take the train from Roma Termini to Narni Amelia and someone will collect artist/s from the station – an additional 30-minute drive to the house

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Umbria, Italy

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