ArtPrize 2024: Global Art Celebration in Grand Rapids

Deadline May 31, 2024

Grand Rapids, MI – The prestigious ArtPrize 2024 opens its artist registration from April 11th to May 31st. Artists from around the world are invited to exhibit their work in Grand Rapids, leveraging a unique platform to engage with an international audience and compete for a share of the $400,000 prize pool across multiple categories.

ArtPrize 2024 emphasizes artistic innovation and community engagement, offering comprehensive grants to support artists in presenting ambitious and transformative projects. This commitment positions ArtPrize as a leading event for public art exhibitions worldwide.

Empowering Artists with Comprehensive Support
ArtPrize introduces several grants aimed at facilitating creative projects:
Featured Public Projects and Future Public Projects Grants support large-scale and permanent artworks.
Hero Project and Venue Exhibition Grant cater to innovative projects and exhibition logistics.
Artist Seed Grant, Motu Viget Grant, and Sculpture Grant offer financial assistance to emerging, local, and sculptural works, ensuring a diverse and impactful presentation.

A Celebration of Creativity and Community
Set in the vibrant city of Grand Rapids, ArtPrize transforms the area into an expansive gallery, showcasing artistic talent from across the globe. This event fosters a sense of community and global dialogue, inviting artists to partake in a grand celebration of art.
For details on participation and grant opportunities, visit ArtPrize’s official website.

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