Assistant Director

Deadline August 22, 2019

The job currently will be for 30 hours and can develop into a 40 hour week job. The hours fluctuate depending on the exhibition and what is involved at the art center in any particular week. The Elisabeth Jones Art Center shows are dedicated to the environment, social justice, and peace.

Your main task will be to develop an arts program. We have a 4000 square-foot facility, with a 750 square foot classroom. We are looking to utilize this space with art classes and performance. You will be tasked with finding the right people for the positions of teaching, performance, etc. you will be responsible for scheduling, contracting, and making certain that there is Elisabeth Jones Art Center personnel for classroom support. I will be particularly interested in a candidate that already has the professional and social connections in terms of art teachers and performance people. You yourself will have an assistant to help you with this job.

As the Assistant Director, you also will help with all tasks related to exhibitions and helping them succeed. That includes but is not limited to, artist communication, receiving artwork, packing artwork, writing checks, selling artwork, human resources, and being available for all manner of support for art center maintenance, operations, and repair.

Your assistance to the Director, will involve letter writing, telephone calls, making flyers, and creating ads.

The best candidate will be good at computer problem-solving when it comes to the gliiches that these machines tend to have. Audio/visual setup abilities will be needed.

This is a many hats job. It is particularly well-suited for a person who enjoys responsibility and having a job that looks different every week. It is particularly good for a candidate that is good at creative problem-solving.

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