Beautiful Ceramics Studio Space Available (Fully Furnished)

Deadline June 15, 2019

Always dreamed of having your own ceramics studio?

I recently created the ceramics studio of my dreams. However, for personal reasons, I am leaving the country seeking opportunities abroad, and my lovingly cultivated space is looking for a new ceramic artist.

The space is nestled in a beautiful forested area in Arlington Heights on a property shared with other tenants, who are wonderful, friendly people. The studio is 100% set up and fully furnished with everything a ceramic artist would need. I have loved working in it. Initial investment includes:

Pacifica GT400 Pottery wheel w/ lots of bats (brand new) ($1,000 value)
Skutt KM818 electric kiln (brand new, installed, working) ($1,500 value)
Skutt Kiln Environvent 2 (installed, working) ($500 value)
2 ½ kiln shelves, posts, kiln wash, self supporting cones (04 and 6)
Table top slab roller ($450 value)
Fully stocked glaze lab with commercial glazes, bulk raw glaze ingredients/materials, mixing buckets, glaze making equipment (personal protection, immersion blender for mixing, scales, sieves, etc) ($1000 value)
All of my tools (throwing, trimming, carving, brushes, etc) ($100 value)
Plaster bats for wedging ($50 value)
Space heaters for winter and fan for drying work ($100 value)
Various hump molds for plates, decorating tools, stamps ($100 value)
Utility sink with clean-up and water reclaim systems
Shelving, tables, and workspaces
Wareboards, plastic for work storage, transport trays, sponges, mop
Hot plate with pot, electric tea kettle, bluetooth speaker
Utilities, bathroom access, and internet access (included in rent)

I currently live in NW Portland, and love walking up to the studio through Washington Park (great exercise too!) It is about a 20 minute walk from the trail entrance on Burnside.

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