Blanchet House On the Ledge Art Show 2023 – Call to Artists!

Deadline June 12, 2023

Blanchet House On the Ledge Art Show 2023
People · Places · Portland

A city is more than the sum of its parts. From the restaurants and bookstores that nourish it, to the rivers and urban trails that wind through it, to the mountain that overlooks it, Portland is defined by the diversity of its people, its geography, and its experiences. With People · Places · Portland, the Blanchet House Emerging Professionals Board invites artists to reflect on that sense of place and what makes Portland, well, Portland.

Now in its fourth year, Blanchet House’s On the Ledge art show aims to generate funding to support both Blanchet House’s services to the houseless community and local artists. The art show is an initiative of Blanchet House’s Emerging Professionals Board, comprised of compassionate supporters working to offer aid to people in Portland.

Artists in Portland and beyond are invited to submit original works of art or existing works to display in the show. Prints of all art will be available for sale to the public. Artists may submit a single piece or a series of three pieces, one specific to each word of the theme. Accepted art will be displayed in an online gallery during the month of August and an in-person exhibition to be determined. Work can be submitted through the 2023 On the Ledge Artist Submission Form until June 12th.

All sale proceeds will be split between artist and Blanchet House 50/50. For any original works sold, the split will be 70/30 in favor of the artist.

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