CALL FOR ARTISTS: Artist Co-Op and FREE studio/gallery space

Deadline November 30, 2023

Artist Block Wine and Gallery is proud to be launching a new Artist Co-Op opportunity that will provide artists with a free shared studio space and gallery to showcase their work.

Artist Block opened their first tasting room in Dundee, OR at the beginning of 2023. Artist Block is proud to host over a dozen visual artists and wine maker’s work in their tasting room/gallery. AB champions the symbiotic relationship between wine and art and has created a brand that celebrates the pairing. AB is thrilled by their communities’ response and are excited to continue to grow and develop their business in the region.

Artists and Wine Makers are central to the Artist Block’s outreach mission. AB aims to find new, diverse and unique talent in the region and showcase their work to AB’s clients.

AB is launching their Artist Co-op to further invest in the talents of young and up and coming artists local to their company. AB will be doing this by providing a physical space for visual artists to produce and showcase their work at no cost to the artist.

We are accepting a limited number of artists’ annually into Artist Block’s studios. Artists will have a rent free studio space in Newberg, OR in exchange artists will be scheduled to staff the gallery space 10-15 hrs a week. Artists are free to be working on their projects while they are not with clients during their scheduled shift. Artists are allowed to access the space outside of their scheduled hours as well.

While staffing the gallery artists are expected to greet clients, have knowledge of all showcased work, answer any client questions and aid clients in purchasing artwork.

Artists will be managed by AB’s gallery director and can expect support in pricing, promoting and installing their work into the gallery space from our gallery director.

This program requires a weekly 10 – 15 hr commitment with a regular weekly schedule. Artists have the opportunity to earn consignment and commission pay while staffing the gallery. Artists will receive 50% consignment on their personal art sales (this is standard in most galleries) — and 8% commission on any art sale on other artists’ work.

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Newberg, OR

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