Call for Musicians! Paid First Friday gig at ADX! DIY

Deadline April 18, 2024


I am looking for a couple of musicians for the upcoming first Fridays at ADX! I am on the lookout for folks to play on 3/1, 4/5, and 5/3! Our gallery shows run from 5-9 pm, and musicians generally play here from 7-9 pm.

The gallery shows are as follows: 3/1- concert poster art show, 4/5- spray can show, 5/3

The show is a DIY format- so bring your own speakers, mics, and other equipment!

We are looking for fun, creative, and engaging bands to play for an all-ages audience of gallery-goers and community members!

There are no fees for bands and musicians to play for our First Friday shows! If you’re interested in playing our venue in the future but want to sample the space before booking our event rate, this is your chance! Bands are paid through drink sales at the bar- on a busy night, we can distribute about $50-100/ band (this really depends on the audience size and people purchasing drinks- bring your beer-loving friends!). There are no door fees or tickets for the shows, as these shows are free gallery shows for the community.

If you’re interested (or know anyone interested!!) please reach out to with your band name, link to your music, and what show you’d be available for!


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ADX: 417 SE 11TH AVE

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