call for submissions: writings, poetry, photography for innovative art project

Deadline December 31, 2022

earth voice earth power is a project for working towards justice
in daily moments. the project as a platform publishes creative
expression like writings, poetry, photography, etc in public
we help the community speak up with their own stories. the
stories that might have been restricted from yesterday. the
stories that need to be heard.
we experiment to bring this meaningful reading and listening
experience into daily action, as a positive bridge for the
dialogue of our different truths.
one star but it’s a seed.
call for submissions
do you ever want to write (or write a review) about an
experience, a story that encourages justice, fairness, or a
unique vision that you always want to share?
maybe your words or images of expression are also poetic,
creative, or literary.
and you think it’s interesting to have your work be published so
close to the ground, like google review.
we are looking forward to your submission.
give change a chance.
together we are safer and stronger.
thank you very much.
earth voice earth power

anywhere, online

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