Cape Disappointment State Park North Head Lighthouse Wayside Exhibit Artwork

Deadline February 28, 2019

Subject: Scope of Work for North Head Lighthouse Wayside Exhibit Artwork

Project Description: This project will result in the production of two (2) pieces of original artwork for use in wayside exhibits at Cape Disappointment State Park. Per written and verbal instruction, visual references (to be provided separately), the Contractor will develop the following two illustrations:

1. An geographically accurate (late 1800s shoreline) oblique/birds-eye view of the mouth of the Columbia River that shows the North Head Lighthouse, Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and other specified features. Tentatively titled the “Graveyard of the Pacific,” this panel will help visitors understand how the challenging geography of mouth of the Columbia lead to countless shipwrecks and the need for two lighthouses on the northern mouth of the Columbia.

2. A historic scene showing the North Head Lighthouse and other nearby associated structures. This illustration will serve to demonstrate how the lighthouse was used on a day-to-day basis by keepers and assistant keepers. In addition to depicting the lighthouse, the scene may also involve depicting the keepers’ homes and the keepers themselves.

This project is for illustrations only. The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (WSPRC) will be responsible for content development, graphic design and layout, and fabrication and installation.

Illustrations will be subject to the WSPRC Standard Use Agreement (provided separately).

For more information about project schedule and example artwork, please contact Sam Wotipka, Exhibit Development Coordinator, Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission.

Cape Disappointment State Park, Ilwaco, Washington

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