City Hall Sculpture | City of Ketchum, Idaho

Deadline October 15, 2021

The City of Ketchum, Idaho invites professional artists, architects, or designers to apply for a
permanent sculptural installation for the City of Ketchum’s New City Hall. Original artwork by one
selected artist, architect, designer, or artistic team will be displayed in the entry and will become a
permanent part of the city’s art collection. Total budget for the sculpture (either new or existing
work), including artist fee, design, engineering, materials, fabrication, shipping, and installation is
$30,000. The sculpture will be featured on the city’s website ( and in various
social media forums.

The City of Ketchum has approved installation of a permanent hanging sculpture to be installed in the
upper story of the two-story entryway of Ketchum’s City Hall. The installation will be viewed from the
main entrance to the building and will also be visible from the second-floor clerestory windows.

One artist or artist team will be selected after a juried process to evaluate the submissions. The
chosen work will then be recommended by the Ketchum Arts Commission (KAC) to the Ketchum City
Council for final approval, fabrication (if not yet fabricated) and installation. Please see Dropbox link
to photos and specifications of the installation site. The selected artist will receive a budget of
$30,000, inclusive of artist fee, design, materials, engineering, fabrication, shipping, and installation.

Following review of the Request for Qualifications submissions, the KAC will select up to three
finalists to submit proposals for new work or existing work. Each finalist will receive $250 upon
submission of proposal.

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