CoHo Productions: Season 25 (2020-2021) Co-Production Proposals

Deadline December 02, 2019

CoHo Productions is now accepting co-production proposals for the 2020-2021 season.

CoHo Productions has pioneered artist led co-production as a model of creating theatre since 1995. Each season, CoHo solicits scripts and project proposals from Portland’s community of theatre professionals and selects up to four to produce in partnership as CoHo’s subscription season. Seasons are diverse and unpredictable; the sole quality nurtured and insisted on is excellence. From world premieres to innovative interpretations, CoHo has an exceptional track record of excellence, garnering critical acclaim and more than 30 Drammy awards for our productions and co-producers.

The subscription season is selected by CoHo’s Artistic Council, consisting of esteemed members of Portland’s theatre community and CoHo’s Producing Artistic Director. Each project proposal is read and discussed in detail by the Artistic Council before finalists are invited for in-person interviews.
Co-Producers in the past have been actors, writers, directors and designers. CoHo enters into an agreement with an individual (or several individuals, a group, another theatre/producing organization, etc.) to produce a particular script. Co-producers are active partners with CoHo: they organize an artistic and technical team, oversee the implementation of their designs, prepare a budget, and share responsibility for all the details of the production. CoHo provides the administrative infrastructure (marketing, ticketing, fiscal management, front of house, etc) and performance venue.

The Artistic Council strives to select work that represents a variety of genres within a season, as well as writers/directors/actors/designers/artists of color, and artists with varying gender identities, disabilities, and artistic training. Additionally, the council will consider the following criteria:
⬩ Artistic merit of the proposal and the script itself (is the proposal clear and cohesive; is the script well executed and entertaining, etc.)
⬩ Evidence of innovation, creativity and timeliness of proposed production
⬩ Qualifications of applicant and related artistic partners (this may include relevant experience, education, training, references, extraordinary vision, etc. Please note that this does not mean potential co-producers with less experience won’t be considered.)
⬩ Availability of script rights
⬩ Whether the project, in conjunction with other potential projects, works as part of a full, cohesive production season that provides equitable opportunities for a range of theatre artists.
⬩ Whether the project can be successfully executed within CoHo’s physical theatre space.

Monday October 28, 2019 || Budgeting/Fundraising Information Meeting
Friday November 15, 2019 || Last day to submit proposals for feedback before final submission
Monday December 2, 2019 || Submission Deadline (11:59pm)
Early February, 2020 || Interviews with Co-Producer Finalists
Early March, 2020 || CoHo Season 25 Announcement

Full details about co-producing with CoHo and application procedures are available at

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