Collage Workshops with MJ Davison

Deadline June 30, 2023

MJ Davidson is hosting two brand new MONTHLY themed collage workshops this month at True North Studios! Deity Collage workshop is every third Sunday of the month from 10am-2pm and Mandala Collage is every third Wednesday of the month from 10am-noon.

In the Deity Collage workshop, students will give expression to an inner deity, or spiritual guide, made visible by the medium of collage. Students will take home their creations of portraits or landscapes at the end of the course.

In the Mandala Collage Workshop, students will learn how to, starting with your own center points, construct personal versions of the ancient circular form of the mandala. Each participant will have a take-home artwork serving as a symbolic guide for facing challenges ahead at the end of the class.

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True North Studios, 455 NE 71st Ave, Portland OR 97213

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