Daily Attendance

Deadline June 17, 2019

Daily Attendance is a two-week online course to create a generative and holistic poetry practice. The course goals are: to generate new work, foster a daily creative flow, to engage with diverse materials and resources, to engage in genuine creative process without pressure of gatekeepers, and to re-imagine your rhythm as a maker. This course is an independent study that summarizes in a twenty-five minute consult either by email, phone, or in person in Portland, Oregon. A “daily material” will consist of: Read/Write/Listen/Reflect/Do and other misc. but enriching creative resources & musings. There is no formal discussion as a group but opportunities to interact and share creative resources/ideas/questions will be available via a shared google drive folder. Please visit the link to read all the details of the course and how to register.

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Online / Portland, OR