Dr. Paul Robeson Figurative Statue Call for Artist

Deadline January 20, 2020

A realistic, life size statue of Dr. Paul Robeson will be dressed in casual clothing from his era and seated, on a conventional bench, with book on lap, is to be inviting so that on lookers feel welcome to have a seat on either side of the statue. This statue will be in close proximity to the Paul Robeson School of the Arts, and will be utilized as an outdoor classroom for students from many of the surrounding New Brunswick, NJ schools. This area will be a plaza where performances and other activities will take place and the statue of Dr. Robeson being a focal point.
The not-for-profit organization, New Brunswick Public Sculpture, seeks qualifications from artists, art groups, artisans and/or designers to develop a life size sculpture to celebrate the life and legacy of this historical figure.The New Brunswick Public Sculpture projects will assure that important moments that shaped the City and the Nation are remembered and celebrated through the installation of public art and sculpture. This second project will be a bronze, life-size replica depicting Dr. Paul Robeson in a seated position, centered on a 6’ bench which will act as an outdoor classroom setting for local schools.

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Feaster Park, Paul Robeson Blvd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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