Envisioning a Future with Sea Otters on the Oregon Coast

Deadline May 01, 2024

Help us bring sea otters back to the Oregon coast!

The Elakha Alliance, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, announces a call for donated art submissions for a silent auction fundraiser in honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week on September 28th, 2024 at the Yaquina Bay Yacht Club (Newport, OR). Through the power of art, we seek to raise awareness about the importance of returning sea otters back to Oregon and their role in maintaining a thriving coastal ecosystem. Artwork should be valued at around $200 or more in order to fundraise effectively for the Elakha Alliance’s mission to restore sea otters to Oregon.

Artworks can take various forms including paintings, drawings, sculptures, or mixed media.
Artists must be willing to donate their artwork for the purpose of raising funds for the Elakha Alliance. A donation receipt will be provided to the artist for the amount sold.

The theme of this art call is “Envisioning a Future with Sea Otters on the Oregon Coast.” We encourage artists to create art pieces that envision a viable population of sea otters along the Oregon coast, and with their presence, a diverse and more resilient coastal ecosystem.
Sea otters were once plentiful from Alaska south to Baja, but have been absent from Oregon for over a century due to the maritime fur trade. As a keystone species, sea otters play a critical ecological role in the marine environment. By preying on sea urchins, sea otters foster the health of kelp forests, vital habitats that support a myriad of marine life. The intricate web of interactions among sea otters, sea urchins, and kelp forms the basis of a restored and balanced nearshore ecosystem. With kelp forests declining at an alarming rate due to ocean warming and over predation by sea urchins, sea otter reintroduction is being considered as part a solution to help restore and maintain healthy nearshore ecosystems in Oregon. Sea otters are also culturally significant for Oregon’s coastal tribes.

Oregon is currently the only Pacific Coast state without a sea otter population. It is time to return sea otters to Oregon and, in doing so, restore critical ecological and cultural connections which are important to us all.

Artists are encouraged to use their imagination and artistic skills to portray a harmonious coexistence between humans, sea otters, and Oregon’s coastal ecosystems.

Please use ecologically appropriate flora and fauna that occur in Oregon in your artwork. For example, the predominant kelp in Oregon is bull kelp, not giant kelp. Visit oregonwild.org/forests/climate-change/kelp to learn more.

Benefits to Artists:
All artwork will be featured on the Elakha Alliance’s website
Artists and artwork will be showcased across Elakha Alliance’s Social Media Channels (10,400+ followers)
Artists and Artwork will be featured on Elakha Alliance’s RAFT Newsletter (~4,000+ subscribers)
Artists will receive potential media coverage in local newspapers, radio, and television
A donation receipt will be available to the artist for the amount sold in the silent auction
You’re amplifying the outreach and awareness to protect and conserve Oregon’s kelp forest marine ecosystem and the possible return of a crucial keystone species, sea otters

Submission Guidelines:
Eligibility: This call is open to all artists, regardless of age or experience level.
Medium: Artworks can take various forms, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, or mixed media.
Originality: Original artwork is preferred but not required.
Size and Format: Artworks should be easily transported by car – at least 15 inches and no more than 30 inches.
Number of Submissions: Each artist may submit up to three pieces of art.
Donation Agreement: Artists must be willing to donate artwork for the purpose of raising funds for the Elakha Alliance.
Unsold Artwork: Artist agrees that if donated art is not sold at the silent auction, it will be acceptable for the Elakha Alliance to utilize it for another fundraising purpose.

Submission Process: 2 Step-Process

Submission of Intent: Deadline February 1st, 2024
Artists must fill out a Submission of Intent form through the Elakha Alliance website www.elakhaalliance.org/2024artshow for each piece they plan on submitting.

The following information will be required on the submission form:
Artist’s name
Contact information (email address, phone number, and mailing address)
Artist website and social media handles (if applicable)
Title of the intended artwork
Description of the intended artwork
Medium(s) that will be used
Planned dimensions
A photo of previous work that may be relevant to style and artistic capabilities.

Submission of Completion: Deadline May 1st, 2024
Once the artist completes their artwork, they must fill out the Submission of Completion form through the Elakha Alliance website www.elakhaalliance.org/2024artshow. Late submissions may be accepted.

Selection Process:
A panel of artists, scientists, and Elakha Alliance staff will choose around twenty submissions for the art auction fundraising event at the Yaquina Bay Yacht Club taking place on September 28th, 2024 in honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week.

Selection Criteria: Artworks will be evaluated based on creativity, artistic skill, technical proficiency, adherence to the theme, and overall impact.
Notification: Selected artists to be featured in the silent auction fundraiser will be notified by June 1, 2024 by email.

Selected Artists: Delivery of Artwork
Depending on the location of the artists chosen to participate, we will discuss the best method of shipping and/or offer local drop off locations for their artwork. Elakha Alliance can assist with shipping costs as needed.

About the Elakha Alliance:

The Elakha Alliance was formed in 2018 by tribal, nonprofit, and conservation leaders with a shared belief in a powerful vision: an Oregon coast 50 years from now where our children and grandchildren co-exist along with a thriving sea otter population and a robust and resilient marine ecosystem. Sea otters were hunted to near-extinction throughout their historic range;, the Elakha Alliance is dedicated to bringing them back to Oregon and restoring lost ecological and cultural connections. Through strategic partnerships, community engagement and education, outreach to stakeholders, and development of scientific resources and policy assessments, the Elakha Alliance is working to achieve its mission of restoring a healthy population of sea otters to the Oregon coast and to thereby make Oregon’s marine and coastal ecosystem more robust and resilient. Watch this quick summary video to learn more.

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