Executive Director, Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra

Deadline January 15, 2019

Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra seeks new Executive Director

Executive Director Position: Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra (“PCSO”) is seeking a full-time Executive Director with at least five-years experience in arts organization management, fundraising and strong connections locally, regionally and nationally to the arts, culture and nonprofit communities. PCSO is a full symphony orchestra, with a 37-year history, performing in the Portland, Oregon area. Its mission is to present quality performances of standard, more obscure but worthy, and new orchestral works. PCSO is dedicated to providing its audiences with friendly, affordable and accessible concert experiences.

• General Responsibilities: We are seeking a leader with proven fundraising ability, including success with foundations, government agencies, corporations and individual donors. The Executive Director will oversee the operations of a 60-plus member semi-professional orchestra and supervise a small support staff.

• Salary Range: $50,000-$60,000

• Key Areas of Focus: Fundraising, Audience Building

Please send a professional resume and cover letter with specific information on fundraising skills to: search@columbia symphony.org by January 15, 2019.

Job Description

Reporting to the Board of Directors through the President of the Board, PCSO’s Executive Director (ED) will partner with the Music Director (MD) to provide executive leadership to PCSO and will be responsible for providing overall management of the organization, consistent with achieving its mission and financial objectives. The ED will implement program and operating strategies and plans, manage staff, and cultivate relationships with local, regional and national arts and community organizations. The scope of responsibilities encompasses fundraising planning and execution, audience development, and overall operational, financial and administrative management of PCSO. The ED will be PCSO’s spokesperson, guided by its mission and visIon in representing PCSO to the community.


• FUNDRAISING — PCSO is seeking an ED with a proven track record as a successful fundraiser. In consultation and cooperation with the Board, the ED will cultivate and build relationships with individuals, foundations, corporations and government agencies. The ED further will oversee annual and periodic fundraising events, in particular, PCSO’s “Gala” event each year, with the assistance of the Board and staff.

• MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS — The ED will direct all aspects of PCSO’s operations, office and administration. The ED will ensure that PCSO is effectively structured and staffed with competent individuals (as funding permits). Accordingly, the ED, as supervisor, will interview, train and mentor staff and volunteers, assign tasks, and review job performances regularly. The ED will ensure that job descriptions are developed and that sound human resources practices are in place.

• AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLIC RELATIONS — The ED will assist in devising and coordinating plans for audience development through the identification of target audiences and the implementation of marketing programs. The ED is the public face of the orchestra and must be an effective public speaker to communicate clearly the mission and programs of PCSO. The ED will cultivate good relationships with media sources, staying abreast of developments in the local and regional arts communities.

• FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT — The ED will be responsible for maintaining sound financial practices for PCSO and ensuring the most effective and ethical use of financial resources. The ED will work with the Board and staff in developing budgets for PCSO and will manage programs and operations within approved budgets so that PCSO has adequate funding available to carry on its operations. The ED also will oversee management of cash flow and, in conjunction with the Board’s Finance Committee, will present appropriate balance sheets, operating statements and other financial oversight tools to the Board on a regular and timely basis. When appropriate, the ED will work with legal counsel in negotiating contracts, including with rental entities, agents, presenters, touring groups, ensembles, musicians, singers, and other independent contractors. As appropriate, with the President and Secretary of the Board, the ED will prepare and send official correspondence for PCSO and, jointly with designated officers, sign legal documents.

• BOARD RELATIONS AND GOVERNANCE — The ED will provide support to utilize most effectively the talents and resources of the Board, stimulate their involvement with PCSO and work closely with the Board to ensure a strong leadership structure to maintain and enhance the success of PCSO as an organization. The ED will assist the Board in identifying and pursuing additional Board members whose skills, experience, financial connections and diversity meet PCSO’s needs and goals. The ED further will assist Board committees in developing and meeting their objectives. The ED will have overall responsibility to maintain PCSO’s official records and documents and ensure PCSO’s compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations governing nonprofit organizations.

• SUPPORT MISSION AND VISION — The ED will work closely with the MD to present programming that supports the mission of PCSO and promotes broad audience support. The ED will be conversant with the theme for each season and knowledgeable about the music to be performed. The ED will develop relationships with PCSO’s venues and presenting partners and community arts, educational and cultural organizations to maximize the successful production of all PCSO programs.

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