Executive Director Wilsonville Festival of Arts

Deadline February 21, 2019

1) WFA – Wilsonville Festival of Arts, the primary focus of Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council (WACC), continues to be the only community art festival in Wilsonville and creates a communal space for arts and culture there. WACC is a community organization committed to provide art and culture activities in Wilsonville, to educate, entertain, create community, attract visitors, encourage unity, and foster civic pride. We are planning WFA’s 20th year and over the last two years have increased participation, programs and income significantly, including creating a more diverse base – from young to old, Latino to African American, hippie to hipster, and people of all abilities. We explore film, visual, dance, music, theatre and literary arts.

2) Mission & Goals
The Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council (WACC), established in 1996, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that serves the community by enriching the lives of Wilsonville residents through offering opportunities to engage with art and culture on a community level. Our mission is to promote, support, and provide access to arts and culture to all citizens of Wilsonville and to provide a structure where Wilsonville area and culture groups can work together. We have a dedicated core of 14 volunteers who commit their time and talents to this end. Wilsonville Festival of Arts (WFA) is the primary endeavor of WACC.

• Big picture goal and plan development
• Grant proposal writing & acquisition
• Community Networking
• Sponsorship Acquisition
• Contract Negotiation
• Partnership Development
• Knowledge of and work experience with contemporary arts genres
• Getting others, and yourself, to stick to deadlines
• Marketing & Publicity – print, online, social media


August – October
• Establish year’s goals
• Research organizations and steps to reach those goals
• Initiate new partnerships
• Confirm repeat partnerships
• Confirm repeat sponsorships
• Reach out for new sponsorships
• Start grant application process for grants due in fall

November – January
• Research, negotiate and confirm installation artists
• Continue grant application process for grants due Dec-Feb
• Assess incoming funds vs. need for additional sponsorship funds
• Put out Call to Artists for Art Market component
• Put out Call to Writers for Art of the Word component
• Seek out and confirm jurors to judge Art Market submissions
• Book food trucks/vendors

February – March
• Confirming musicians, dancers, artists
• Coordinating jury process to finalize Art Market participants
• Notifying and informing Art Market applicants
• Prepping for publicity and marketing process
• Deciding on ad placements, cost, deadlines
• Graphic designer to design ads, print materials, social media imagery

April – May
• Start publicity push – posters, FB, Instagram, ads, press release
• Send out Call for Volunteers
• Coordinate event weekend logistics with all participants

• Event weekend
• Post-event follow up
• Surveys, thank you’s, statistical analysis, finalize finances

• Expect a third to half-time job (out of 40 hr work week) with weeks of full time or more, particularly leading up to the event.
• Need to have experience curating an art festival or other like event – coming up with big-picture goals, ideating and organizing an innovative core of art, programs and activities that explore and enhance those goals, and keeping the event fresh and keeping up with art movements.
• Need to work well with others in the context of a Planning Committee made up mostly of WACC board members, as well as programmatic partners, sponsors, performers, non-profits, volunteers, artists and community members.
• Must be willing to actively pursue research process to continually seek out new installation artists, potential artist vendors, musicians, dancers and more – keeping up with contemporary art trends in the PNW.
• Juggling – logistics, fundraising, networking, volunteers, artists, communications, marketing, deadlines, tracking statistics
• Keeping an open mind to ideas and input from Planning Committee and partners

Please send the following to Maggi Decker @ maggijd@comcast.net:
• Cover Letter
• Resume
• 3 References
Deadline for Applications: February 15, 2019

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