Film Set H&S Supervisor Training – Scholarship opportunity

Deadline July 11, 2020

All productions now recommend having a Health Safety Supervisor on set or in the office. This is an opportunity to promote or hire people of color or other underrepresented individuals into senior production positions.

It is net certain yet what training the Health Safety Supervisor position will require, but it will likely include the OSHA-30 certification. To help get candidates ready, OMPA and Oregon Film are partnering to offer scholarships for the training.

The Health Safety Supervisor position could be a good fit for people with health/medical experience, outdoor survival skills, occupational safety training, or those wanting to pursue a career as a Set Medic.
This position will be consulting with the UPM, 1st AD, Line Producer, Key Locations Manager, and Facilities Manager about keeping cast and crew safe.

You can apply for an OSHA-30 training scholarship and get ahead of the requirements for the new Health Safety Supervisor role in our industry.

You can apply at (please just “x” out of the log in screen when it appear and complete the form).

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