Float On’s Art Program

Deadline February 21, 2021

Float On is seeking 3 artists to feature in our shop for one month each, March, April and May 2021.

We will select three artists who will each receive four float tank sessions ($308 value) in exchange for one float inspired piece of artwork to be donated to Float On’s art collection. Selected artists will also be featured in our gallery space for a month long exhibition.

>The goal of the program is to better understand the link between creative thinking and sensory isolation.
>Ideal candidates will have an interest in utilizing sensory isolation (float tanks) to aid their creative practice.

There are some Requirements:

>Willingness to create and donate one float inspired piece of artwork. This work will be included in Float On’s Collection after the exhibition.
>Float inspired work should be completed before the exhibition date and will be debuted alongside a larger body of the artists work
>Artists are welcome to create as many float inspired pieces they want to display, and can choose which piece they wish to donate to Float On’s collection.

>10-15 completed pieces of artwork, prepared to exhibit.
>Works on canvas or panel must be prepared to hang with horizontal wiring installed on the back.
>Photographs or works on paper must be framed with horizontal wiring installed on the back.
>These do not necessarily have to have anything to do with floating.

>We strongly encourage selected artists to use at least 2 of their float tank sessions prior to their exhibition in order to create float inspired work.
>We try to guarantee artists a minimum of two months to float and create a piece of artwork.
>Artist floats will not expire and remaining floats can be used after their exhibition.

COVID-19 Notes:
>Artists are not expected to install their own work at our shop. We will arrange an appointment for art Drop off and Pick up before and after the exhibit, observing all current social distancing practices.
>During these times we are pretty flexible about the float piece requirement. If you are unable to float before your exhibition period due to concerns about Covid-19, you can submit your float piece after your exhibition.
>If you are feeling unwell, do not come in to float.

How to Apply:

>Please send submissions to Clypto@floathq.com using the subject line “Art submission”
>Include a link to an artist website, or 5-10 jpegs of work intended to display.
>Include a short explanation about your artistic practice and your interest in floating.

Float On 4530 SE Hawthorne Blvd

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