Form as Permission: Turning Formal Constraints into Green Lights in Creative Nonfiction

Deadline April 17, 2024

When what needs to be written feels too violent to touch. When it feels stuck inside. When it feels necessary to write but falls flat once it appears on the page, experimenting with form can be the key to breaking open a project or writing process in unexpected directions.

This six-week workshop at Literary Arts is for any writer who is interested in being surprised by their subject matter, relearning their writing process, and producing new work through a series of formal experimentations. Students will read essays/excerpts from boundary-pushing writers like Sarah Minor and Ander Monson (among others) and produce new creative work from formally provocative prompts. The last two weeks of the course will be devoted to a formal workshop experience where students will receive verbal and written instructor/peer feedback to aid in future revision.

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