Holding Space — Facilitation Training e-course

Deadline April 30, 2021

Holding Space is a five-week interactive e-course offering facilitation frameworks and experiential practices for leading and guiding transformative groups and gatherings, online and in-person. The robust course content moves off of the page and directly into your life and work — with dynamic teaching videos, inspiring written content, illuminating interviews, and energizing reflection prompts — resulting in learning you can immediately bring back to the communities you serve.

There is so much potential when we come together and yet so often the container isn’t created, the energy isn’t held, and the possibility isn’t fully realized. Because leading powerful group experiences takes more than just gathering people in a room (or on a Zoom!).

Skillful space holding is not just an intuitive gift granted to a select few. There are foundational techniques we can practice, tangible tools we can explore, and scaffolding to build upon as we find our own unique and intentional ways of holding space.

By the end of this course, you will have explored ways to:
✦Create learning containers that support your desired outcomes
✦Establish structure that encourages freedom
✦Engage a justice lens in program creation + facilitation
✦Convene brave rather than safe spaces
✦Navigate conflict + challenging group dynamics
✦Increase self-awareness about what you bring to the room (skills, strengths, biases, stuck-spots)
✦Center the voices and experiences of your participants
✦Co-create rather than just “teach”
✦Move from intention to impact (and know how to actually assess that!)
✦Cultivate increased trust in yourself, your participants, and your process
✦Befriend and integrate feedback
✦Hold space for your own resilience, integration, and thriving in this changemaking work and ever-changing world

This time is inviting us to rise more fully into our calling to convene communities that make room for people to be seen, heard, and supported. It is asking that we grow our capacity to design and facilitate learning containers that allow for true transformation; that we think creatively and expansively about what it means to gather.

Let’s hold space together!

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