House ManCurious Comedy Theater- Part Time House Manager Position ager

Deadline August 14, 2022

The ideal House Manager will have a warm and welcoming demeanor. Strong organizational skills and the ability to think fast and make decisions to best serve our cast, crew and audience is very important.

The House Manager will be responsible for ticketing, customer service, making financial reports, directing people towards class sign ups, shows and more information. They will also be responsible for some cleaning and upkeep of the theater and surrounding areas. It is important that the HM know the Curious Comedy Theater website, theater and class offering information, as well as the inner workings of the theater itself.

Possession of an OLCC and Food Handlers card is a definite plus as our annex theater has a small bar, and our main theater needs help with food running from time to time. If you do not have one at time of hire, you may have the opportunity to obtain it during training.

At this time, all persons must be fully vaccinated to work, perform or take classes at Curious Comedy Theater.

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