‘Illum’ — World Premiere

Deadline February 26, 2023

push/FOLD brings the energy this winter with an intrepid showcase of original work, including the highly anticipated World Premiere of Illum!

Celebrated for their powerful, athletic style that reveals relatable, abstract storylines, push/FOLD creates dance “filled with vulnerability and humanity… full of nuances and beauty.” (Oregon ArtsWatch) The shining star of this program is an ethereal and moody piece that explores themes of home, acceptance, and belonging through high-impact and sweeping movement, floorwork, and dynamic partnering. Also on the program is Wolf, a mesmerizing duet set to heartfelt vocals expressing a loneliness and perseverance that evolves into tranquility and empowerment. Rounding all this out is the comedic noir, Dark Wings, an ode to jazz that tells the story of an isolated creature that transcends its life, guided and carried away by three friendly spirits.

This is a rare opportunity to take in the breadth and depth and push/FOLD’s impressive and moving work! February 24 & 25 at 7:30pm; February 26 at 4pm at the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts in Beaverton.

Show-Length: approx. 95 minutes with intermission

Artist talks and Q&A follow each performance.

In-Person & Live-streamed tickets available.

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