Instructors/Teaching Artists For Film Appreciation Classes

Deadline December 31, 2019

In 2020, the Hollywood Theatre and Movie Madness will launch an education program focused on film exhibition and appreciation. The goal of this program is to cultivate a greater understanding of film and film history through instructor-led, small-group film viewing and discussion.

Courses will run weekday evenings for four consecutive weeks beginning in early 2020. Classes will be held at the Movie Madness screening room on SE Belmont (capacity: 18).

Each four-week course will take a focused look at an aspect of film history: MGM musicals, film noir from 1942-1946, iconic film scores, ‘90s LGBTQ films, etc.

Each class period will begin with a brief, 10-15 minute introduction from the instructor. This intro might focus on key themes, historic and cultural context, technical innovation, or other areas that will enrich the audience’s viewing of the film. Introductions should help students to contextualize and make connections between each film in the series.

The intro will be followed by a screening of the film and a facilitated post-screening discussion that lasts up to an hour.

For each course, the instructor will be expected to provide:

-An outline of their introduction for each class, as well as any slides if there will be a visual component

-Questions and organizing themes for each class discussion

-Supplemental reading material and/or videos to be emailed in advance of each class

-List of supplemental films

Compensation: $400 for a four-class course ($100 per class).

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