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Deadline April 01, 2023

Gallery 114 is a self-governing community of artists. To ensure our freedom from commercial pressures, we depend on our member artists to contribute their time, talent and dues. Every member can expect a featured exhibit every 18-24 months, as well as inclusion in the annual member group exhibit. The featured artist(s) have complete control over the entire gallery space during the month of their show, and can choose to curate, invite guests artists, or use the entire space for their own work. In addition, we host Calls for Art, Invitationals, and special community exhibits. The gallery retains a 20% commission on sales by members (far less than most commercial galleries). Since the gallery exists to further our artistic careers, we encourage our members to also exhibit in other venues. We are always willing to consider portfolio submissions.

Gallery 114 is committed to recruiting artist members who represent a broad diversity of the greater community of artists. We encourage artists with diverse backgrounds to apply for membership.

Please refer to the gallery website for details about
Deadline for the upcoming submissions- April 1, 2023

The gallery reviews applications on a quarterly basis- January, April, July ad October

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Gallery 114, 1100 NW Glisan Portland, Or 97209