Looking for ceramic artist(s) to share a larger studio

Deadline June 13, 2019

I am looking to gather a small group of 1 – 2 other ceramic artists to share approximately 800 – 900 sf light industrial/makers space (area highlighted in yellow on plan). I’d like to keep it small and manageable. Maybe even start a small collective if there is any interest! I have a 30 inch Bailey’s slab roller, a new Skutt 1027 with digital controller, and a smaller test kiln I can potentially share with the right person(s). There may be enough power in the space to bring your own kiln if you have one, depending on its size. Details can be discussed.

Looking for someone(s) who is:
– First and foremost, responsible, respectful, friendly and communicative
– Clean: willing to clean up your clay messes at the end of each day to minimize dust and contribute to overall studio cleanliness
– Energized, passionate, serious about their work and in it for the long haul
– Wanting to participate in group open studio or similar ideas to help promote each other’s work and business
– Entrepreneurial minded
– Striving for high craft/fine art quality work
– Enjoys working in the same space on your own projects with the company of others

The space is within a stand-alone 2500 sf building in a quiet mixed residential/commercial neighborhood in NE Portland (Sandy Blvd and 19th Ave), shared by several designers and artists. In the 800 – 900 sf semi-private area, there are 2 windows, a large garage door for easy access, concrete floors, shared utility sink, bathroom and kitchenette. It has potential to be the perfect setup for a ceramics studio with plenty of room to spread out.

I am looking to split the rent with 2 others or 1 other if a larger portion of the space is desired. Rent would be divided accordingly to amount of sf per person. Rent is $1390/month, basic utilities and internet included. 1 year lease agreement.

Send me an email if you are interested and include a little about yourself, your work, and studio space needs. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact: Jenny Poston
Email: jenny@jennyposton.com

NE Portland

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