Looking For Volunteers to Help Grow this Multimedia Project

Deadline February 28, 2019

I’m looking to created a team of volunteer cis and trans women to help me get my collaborative project off the ground. If you volunteer, tasks will include admin work, research, public interaction, a LOT of brainstorming and a good deal of video work for a YouTube series. You don’t have to be great at all of these things, but most should interest you.

Who am I? – I’m Karen Tortora Lee – An LGBTQ Ally, looking to launch FULLY HUMAN Salons and UP ALL NIGHT Gatherings. My goal is to empower LGBTQ individuals and allies through moderated salons, experience-based gatherings, and reality board gaming … in a friendly, fun, compassionate, positive “Non-Friction Jurisdiction”.

Who are you?
– You are a feminist with a huge heart for all your sisters; you are NOT a swerf or a terf. You approach the movement with open arms and a raised fist!
– You might be straight, queer, trans, pan, gender-fluid, non-binary, grey-romantic, poly, collared, or still figuring it all out. Being part of (or an ally and advocate to) these communities is something you already live and breathe or something you’re ready to dive into.
– You are seen by others as warm and kind – a “bees-with-honey” type of person. This project is not an anger workshop.

Have I described you? Does this excite you? Does the possibility of helping to start a movement activator the deepest part of you? Then we need to talk. Write to me at karen.tortora@gmail.com and let’s set up a time to meet for coffee, tea, kombucha or ice cream! Make sure you include what caught you eye about this opportunity.

Some things to be mindful of before hitting “send”

~ I don’t vibe with negativity or limiting beliefs [this position is volunteer now but growth = money. So keep being ready to succeed]
~ Failure doesn’t frightening me — so long as it’s failing FORWARD
~ I’m always out of my comfort zone – so are you
~ I want you to be passionate about the “why” of the project
~ Flexibility is key – understand that I may change the plan but never the goal
~ Growing the biz means travel opportunities. Let me know right off how you feel about that
~ Writing skills are a big plus

NE Portland

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