Loupe Call For Motion Artists

Deadline October 22, 2021

Become a featured motion artist on Loupe, a revolutionary visual content streaming platform!

LOUPE® is the leading online art streaming platform with an integrated marketplace. The Loupe art player is streamed like music with pioneering methods to customize the experience. Our art streams provide ambiance, energy, tranquility, and culture in the home and to select hotels, lobbies and lounges around the world on hi-res TVs and video walls. Loupe offers an engaged audience for artists and galleries around the world.

Introduce your art to:

• An audience of over 2 million monthly users
• Viewers on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Pluto, Xumo, Samsung, webstream and more
• The #1 Lifestyle App on Apple TV in 65+ countries

We are currently looking for:

• Motion art with winter holiday themes:
o Snowy scenes
o Holiday lights, decorations
o Family
o Travel
o Celebrations, food, festivities
o New Years

• No fee for artists to submit work or to participate in streaming
• To submit your work for consideration, please use our online submission form
• Submissions accepted from: October 4 – October 22, 2021

Questions? Please contact Loupe Curator Jessica Ambler (jessica@loupeart.com)
Or visit our website: https://info.loupeart.com/

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