Multi-Discipline 650 sq ft Space for Rent on Weekends

Deadline February 14, 2020

Our beautiful 650 sq foot open space is available for rent on the weekends, including Friday if desired. 24-hour access. It’s the perfect space for classes or workshops in the arts, yoga & movement and acoustic music rehearsals. Acoustic concerts also possible. We’re willing to consider pretty much everything except toxic fumes, large messes or loud amplification.

Week-ends only. Space is occupied Mon – Thurs.

East-facing wall of windows allow plenty of light without direct sun exposure. Floors are polished wood and ceilings are 10 feet tall. Doors are dead-bolted with coded digital locks.

We ask $100/day or $250 for Friday – Sunday. Fill out the contact form and Kate will be in touch. Thanks!

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5120 SE 28th Ave

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