Neighborhood Associations Rock!

Deadline June 17, 2019

Call for Artists

Elisabeth Jones Art Center is sponsoring a show on July 3rd that celebrates the Neighborhood Associations of Portland. It’s likely that at some point they may not exist because of current City policy trends. Our show aims to promote the many positive impacts our Neighborhood Associations have had over the past several decades.

We feel that one of the things that Neighborhood Associations offer is the importance of Place and Community. The process is raw democracy in action: lovely and very unique to Portland.

We are looking for artists to create artwork around some of the ways that Neighborhood Associations have made Portland a more interesting and better place to live.

Stipends & Awards:

• Five $100 stipends
• Ten $50 stipends
• Five $100 awards
• Ten $50 awards

Stipends are determined beforehand. Awards will be determined at the exhibit. The subject matter for each will be specific locations concerning and celebrating Neighborhood Associations. (see below for partial list)

Stipends will be for artists to make artwork before the exhibition.
Awards are for artists submitting work to the exhibition and will be determined at the exhibit.

Raw Democracy:

We will offer one $500 stipend to an artist to create a painting that evokes raw democracy in action. We’re looking for a painting that evokes neighborhood associations and the emotion of the democratic process.

All artworks will be displayed at our show on July 3rd.

To be considered for a stipend or award, please submit a link to your work, or five recent works.

Deadline: June 17th

For more information on Neighborhood Associations Rock! see our Facebook page:

Below is a partial list of subject matter and locations. The complete list will be updated continually until May 17th on our website:

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association
• Insects thriving in nature, to celebrate the herbicide- and pesticide-free park

Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association
• Proximity of trains to the neighborhood
• Neighborhood dog show
• Three sequoia trees saved

South Tabor Neighborhood Association
• Harvest Festival
• Street trees planted

Boise Eliot Neighborhood Association
• Native grove
• Pollinator Pocket Park

Pearl District Neighborhood Association
• Solar trash cans
• Graffiti clean-up

Forest Park Neighborhood Association
• Conservation successes: Headwater stream, Farms, Wildlife Horse stables

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
• Community garden
• Arboretum

• Historic District

Beaumont – Wilshire Neighborhood Association
• Toddler Park at Wilshire Park
• Alameda stairs between Alameda & Wisteria

Kenton Neighborhood Association
• Columbia Pool

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