Outreach Manager

Deadline May 31, 2019

Job Title: Outreach Manager
Reports To: Education Director
Status: Full Time
Salary: $35,000- $37,000
The mission of Northwest Children’s Theater and School is to educate, entertain, and enrich
the lives of young audiences. The Outreach programs of NWCT are dedicated to providing
innovative theater education programming to students K-8 in support of their creative growth
and to foster the next generation of theater-participants.
The Outreach Manager is responsible for coordinating all NWCT outreach programs in area
schools, including after-school programs, residencies, and workshops. This position facilitates
partnerships with schools and other agencies to provide NWCT services to students and
families. A major component of this position is booking, scheduling, and marketing outreach
programming. The ideal candidate is an individual with a deep knowledge of after-school arts
education and the people skills, adaptability, and strategic thinking to build inter-organizational
partnerships, strengthen existing programming, and provide curricular and logistical support to
teaching artists.
Primary Responsibilities:
• Sell, book, schedule, and market outreach programming.
• Design and implement outreach efforts to keep programs at maximum enrollment and
to expand the program as determined by NWCT goals.
• Develop procedures and policies for effective and efficient operation of after school
• Establish and foster relationships with schools, parents, and community organizations in
support of after-school programs, residencies, and workshops.
• Strengthen relationship with Right Brain Initiative, Young Audiences, and similar
• Participate in various school and neighborhood meetings, visibility events, and
conferences as needed.
• Curriculum and program development that honors the mission of NWCT.
• Recruit, hire, and supervise outreach teaching artist staff.
• Plan and deliver professional development for NWCT teaching artists.
• Provide logistical and curricular support to teaching artists.
• Conduct site visits to after-school programs and provide logistical and curricular
support to teaching artists.
• Work with classroom teachers to create customized content that integrates theater
into classroom curriculum.
• Set up online registration for after-school programs and monitor enrollment.
• Administer outreach budget in a fiscally sound manner.
• Participate as a fully active team member of NWCT’s Education Department by:
teaching, assisting with the implementation of existing programs, and departmental
• Communicate with and support the activities of NWCT departments, including
Marketing & Communications, Development, Production, and Operations.
• Teach outreach classes as necessary.
• Teach NWCT Summer Camp classes June-August.
Required Qualifications/Experience:
• Experience with curriculum development, script writing, and classroom management.
• 3-5 years practical experience as teaching artist.
• Familiarity with after-school programs and the Oregon education system.
• Ability to prioritize, conduct/juggle multiple tasks, and adapt with pace of workflow
• Ability to work independently while working as a member of a team.
• Excellent administrative skills and experience necessary to manage systems and
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite; Google Docs Suite.
• Must be able to pass a background check.
Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
• Proficiency in non-English languages and cultures. Experience working with individuals
from diverse backgrounds across boundaries of class, race, and issue.
• Experience training teaching artists.
• Proficiency with Salesforce or other CRM platform.
• Adaptable and resilient.
• Passion for theater education and enjoyment and appreciation of children.
• Bachelor’s degree from four-year college or university or at least two years related
NWCT is a small group of hard-working artists and administrators. We operate many different
programs and accomplish a lot with limited resources. While the official duties listed here represent the
Marketing Manager’s specific responsibilities, all NWCT staff regularly help with projects and programs
in other departments as needed. NWCT staff take pride in the organization as whole and bring their
creativity to bear wherever it is needed.
To apply, email your resume and cover letter to cindy@nwcts.org.

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