Paisley Studios seeking female members!

Deadline August 31, 2019

The Basics:

Large shared work space, 2nd floor walk up (sadly not ADA accessible) with ample natural light and lots of open studio hours
A variety of storage (bin and upright storage) for your personal materials
10 memberships available at $100/month per membership
Women (or female identifying individuals) only

Who You Are:

You are a woman, or an individual who identifies as female, who is seeking a place to do your work. Your are looking for a dedicated space to develop, return to, or continue your creative practice. You know that creative work is integral to your well being, and when you arrive at the studio you are focused on your practice.
You eschew the myth that art is made alone in an isolated space. You believe in working along side other women and seek to maintain a supportive and non-judgmental environment.
You are comfortable with and willing to clean up your work space and store your materials in the space provided to you when you leave for the day

What the studio CAN offer:

A large communal work space with a variety of tables for flat work, as well as upright easels and wall space for larger works.
Ample natural light during the day, ceiling fans, windows that open onto the city, easy access to public transportation
Storage bins provided to each member as well as some upright or flat file storage as space allows
After completing an introductory training session, access to a small printing press and print room for relief printing, monotypes, etc.
Generous studio hours for a variety of schedules (see below)*
The opportunity to meet and work alongside other female artists

What the studio CANNOT offer:

Private, individual studio spaces
Space for very toxic odors such as epoxy resins or spray paints (oil paint is ok with proper storage and disposal of rags, paint, and Gamsol only solvents)
Ceramic facilities
Photography facilites
Intaglio etching facilities (I don’t have any acid baths)
In room sink—there is a communal sink, shared with the other tenants, in the hallway near the men’s and women’s restrooms
Complete and serene silence at all times—the studio faces a busy street, as well as two neighboring establishments that play music for classes (capoeira and cardio boxing). It is fairly quiet during the day, and all classes seem to be held from 5pm to 8pm, with a few on the weekends.
Air conditioning—this is something I am exploring for the future. We will see how this summer goes…

*Current open studio hours (subject to change in the future as classes are added to the schedule)
Door to the street opens around 6am and locks automatically at 8pm—(if you want to work at night, you would need to arrive before 8pm)
Monday 7am-9am, 1pm-5pm, 8pm on
Tuesday All Day and night
Wednesday 7am-9am, 1pm on
Thursday All Day and night
Friday All Day and night
Saturday All Day and night
Sunday All Day and night

More Info

707 NE Broadway #202